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by Missy on April 11, 2013


The American firm Scottrade is a well known firm which started operations back in 1980. The firm has grown in leaps and bounds and is today one of the most popular and best loved discount stock brokers. Customers can now make use of the firm’s online website and join or open accounts for various purposes. The firm has a comprehensive yet easy to use website, which is found at the address scottrade.com. This is the official scottrade trading website.

There are lots of features available on this website and these features offer customers, clients and visitors opportunities to learn more about the firm, about the scottrade trading website and lots of others. Some of the features available on scottrade.com which is the official website of the firm include opportunities for online banking, mobile trading, online trading and even research. There is suitable information introducing newcomers to the website.

Basically, Scottrade was founded in 1980 by Mr. Rodger Riney who is the firm’s CEO. He is committed to providing great opportunities to customers looking to invest their money and receive some of the lowest charges in the market. This is why the firm is so much loved and trusted across the US. The founder, Rodger Riney believes in providing a fair deal to all customers and this involves fair trading, straightforward prices and no hidden charges. The commission charged by the firm is just about $7 which is the lowest in the industry.

Online trades cost only $7 in commissions and this is said to be among the lowest in the industry. The website scottrade.com provides an easy way for customers to open an account. There are no fees charged for maintaining an account with the firm and most transfer fees are normally refunded under certain circumstances. These are some of the favorite reasons why many Americans find this among the most useful and important firms to deal with. It is focused on providing some very reliable, modern and friendly customer services.

The Scottrade trading website is very versatile and contains useful information. Among the most impressive features is an investment calculator. This is a useful tool that investor can use in order to calculate how much interest can be earned by investing money with this firm. There is also a chart and tables with some of the best trading stock so that any customer intending to trade can do so with ease and with the proper information.

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